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Advertisers : Discover Local Response

One the first digital product using user's location as delivery method. Planning Media is one of the first agency to bring geofencing technology to the digital market place.

The benefits? Target localy on publisher's web site. Showcase brands where it matters the most. Make a local impression!


Ad Agencies

We are white label! In addition to our expertise in search engine marketing & PPC platform management, we offer a strong reach with a fast growing digital netowrk of more than 2.5 million uniques canadians visitors both in french & english in different channels:

  • Automotive
  • Real estate
  • Restaurant
  • News

We act as a white label partner for everything related to digital. PPC, Social & Digital. Let us do the work and get the credit on highly targeted and performing campaigns!


Web & Mobile development companies

You develop awesome web creations, you are unique, talented and genius! Offer your clients to go digital with their creation and complete your service offer. Remember, we are white label - you can take the credit for our work ;)